Living With Arthritis: Using Arthritis Helper Products

Living with arthritis is something that anyone who suffers from a rheumatic disease must learn to do. This is because there is no magic cure for arthritis or way to reverse its effects. Instead, treatments can help limit the spread of arthritis, but it is essential to learn how to preform everyday tasks in a manner that does not increase the spread of arthritis.

In addition to understanding your body and its limitations, there are also many helper products available, which can help day to day living become much easier for those with arthritis.

Below are some common arthritis helper products that make living with arthritis much easier:

  • Wheels: One of the most important tools is the wheel. Rather than trying to lift a backpack or a heavy box, find devices that have wheels and use them.
  • Extended Handles: Using objects that have longer handles reduces the amount of effort it takes to use them. It is often possible to attach your own custom made larger handles onto most objects, although many pre-made arthritis friendly devices are also available.
  • Lightweight Products: Try to find products that are lightweight, which makes them easier to hold. For instance, instead of using a cast iron pot, use a stainless steel on. Instead of using heavy glass plates, consider switching to plastic.
  • Large Handles: Try to use objects with large easy to grasp handles, so you can use your entier hand instead of only a finger or two. For instance, it is possible to get key-extenders, which attach to keys and provide a much larger easy to turn handle. There are also extenders for doorknobs, pens, and kitchenware available with large easy to grasp handles.
  • Use Helper Items: There are a number of helper items, which make preforming repetitive tasks easier. These helper items or convenience items, can make life much easier and reduce the amount of time it takes to preform regular tasks. For instance, instead of chopping your vegetables by hand, use a food processor. Consider investing in an electric toothbrush, instead of using a manual one. It may also be a good idea to try to find clothes that do not require ironing.
  • Using a Lifting Aid: There are a number of lifting aids, like bath lifts, lift chairs, and toilet seat lifts, which can make it much easier to stand. Stair lifts are also popular and are used to carry a person up the stairs.
  • A big part of living with arthritis involves identifying tasks that are difficult and finding easier ways to do them. There are a number of products specifically designed to help make life easier and it is often possible to adapt existing items so that they are more arthritis friendly.