Arthritis Resource Center

If you spend much time watching television or even surfing around on the web, you have probably come across a number of ads offering over the counter arthritis solutions. However, often these types of ads can lead an individual to believe that their arthritis isn’t very serious, so they hold off on going to the doctor. This can be a very dangerous decision though, because delaying visiting the doctor can mean delaying taking action to help prevent further damage and possibly disability, which can be caused by arthritis.

This Arthritis Resource Guide will help answer some of your frequently asked questions about arthritis.

Introduction to Arthritis

  1. What is Arthritis?
  2. Rheumatic Diseases, Rheumatism, and Arthritis
  3. Common Symptoms of Arthritis
  4. Risk Factors of Arthritis
  5. Diagnosing and Identifying Arthritis
  6. Common Misconceptions About Arthritis
  7. Some Quick Facts about Arthritis
  8. Arthritis Self Test

Living With Arthritis

There is no cure for arthritis, so a big part of treatment involves making daily life better for the affected. There should be, of course, proper medical treatments to keep the disease from getting worse, but by finding tasks that cause arthritis pain and developing ways of making them easier, many of those with arthritis see a huge reduction in arthritis pain. In addition to finding ways of making regular daily life activities, such as cooking and cleaning, easier, using tools like lift recliners to help improve accessibility can also make life much easier for those with arthritis.