Arthritis Lifting Aids for the Home

Published by Steve Hedberg on September 18, 2009 Under home medical

There are more than 100 different types of arthritis, which can span a large degree of different symptoms. However, one of the most common complications caused by this rheumatic disease is reduced mobility. This can make walking around very difficult and also makes standing up very hard. To help make standing easier, there are several kinds of medical devices that can be used in and around the house.

Lift Chairs and Seat Lifts

liftchairOne of the most common types of medical aids used by those with arthritis is the lift chair. These devices provide a very comfortable place to sit and watch TV or take a nap, closely resembling a recliner. When it is time to stand up, a simple hand control can activate the lift chair, causing it to rise upwards.

When a lift chair is fully raised, the person sitting in it is in a position that allows them to easily exit the chair in a standing position. Lift chairs are also used to promote safer sitting, as it is possible to lean against the chair when it is raised and then lower it, allowing the user to sit in a controlled manner.

For traveling or instances where a lift chair is only needed infrequently, such as for a visiting relative, seat lifts are also available. Seat lifts are similar to lift chairs, instead of being an entire chair, are only a special cushion that can be fitted into most types of sitting chairs. When activated, the cushion pivots upwards, providing a slight boost that can make standing easier.

Even though the seat lift can make standing easier, it is no where as safe, nor does it provide as much of a boost as a standard lift chair. So, with the exception of those who will be traveling, a lift chair is almost always a much better choice. However, seat lifts are usually less expensive than lift chairs.

Bathroom Safety: Bathlifts

bathliftWhile perhaps the most common, the lift chair is not the only type of lifting aid used in the home to promote safer sitting. Bath lifts are another popular tool, which are installed into a standard bath tub, allowing the user to raise and lower themselves into the bathtub.

airfilledbathliftMost bath lifts are secured to the bottom of the bathtub with a set of strong suction cups, which allow it to be easily installed or removed without modifying the bath tub. They often provide a plastic chair, some of which recline, although air filled bath lifts are also available.

For traveling, the air filled bath lift is often a better choice, as it does not take up much space and can be used in any standard bath tub. However, they usually cost a good deal more than standard plastic chair bath lifts.

Bathroom Safety: Toilet Seat Lifts

Another popular lifting aid for the bathroom is the toilet seat lift, which is installed over a standard toilet. The toilet seat lift, when activated, causes the seat of the toilet to angle upwards, making it easier to get off of the toilet. Toilet seat lifts are popular, as the bathroom can present a very large danger to those with limited mobility and getting off of the toilet can be very difficult.

toiletseatliftMost toilet seat lifts are designed to be installed without actually having to permanently modify the toilet or bathroom. They are also rather lightweight, so can be used as a travel tool to increase bathroom safety when away from home.

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