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Published by Steve Hedberg on October 27, 2008 Under lift chairs

Lift chairs have been used for over twenty years to help make it easier to stand up. These chairs are outfitted with a lifting system in the base of the chair. The lifting system, when engaged by the chairs occupant, causes the chair to slowly rise into the air and deposit the occupant into a standing position. The chair moves at a very slow pace and when it has fully risen, the seat of the chair is placed at an angle that is perfect for standing.

Today, these chairs utilize an electrical motor, which engages the lifting system, but also controls the backrest and footrest. This is something that greatly improves the comfort of the chair, because, unlike traditional recliners, a comfortable sitting or sleeping position can be found by only the push of a button. Most of the chairs use a simple hand control, which is attached to the chairs base by a solid cord. This prevents the loss of the control, which can be a common problem in regards to other controls, such as a TV remote control.

Since these chairs use electric power, they require access to an electrical outlet. Most chairs also have a battery backup, which can be used if there is a power interruption. They use the same type of battery found in a fire alarm, which should be replaced once a year if it is not used. Since it only uses a nine volt battery, the battery will need to be replaced if it is used.

The degree at which the back of the chair reclines is one way that these chairs are classified. While they all can be reclined to almost any point, every chair has a limit to how far it can go back. They can be stopped at any point, up until they reach their limit.

Three position chairs are the most common. These chairs can recline until the backrest is nearly horizontal. These make great sleeping chairs. Two position chairs are not able to recline as far and the backrest goes back about forty-five degrees. This type of recline is sometimes called TV Recline, because they make excellent TV chairs.

A third type of chairs is the infinite position lift chair, which reclines as far back as a three position chair. What makes these chairs different from the other two types of lift recliners is that an infinite position chair allows the backrest to move independently of the footrest. They also generally can be operated in unison in the same way that the other two types of chairs work.

If you are not able to stand up with ease, whether due to a disease or an injury, using a lift chair is an excellent way to safely get up.

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