Medicare Lift Chair Quiz

Published by Steve Hedberg on March 20, 2009 Under Medicare

You can take this quick interactive quiz to help determine if you are eligible to receive a Medicare Lift Chair.

1: Do you currently receive Part B Medicare Benefits?  Yes 

2: Do you have a severe muscular disease or severe arthritis of the knee or hip?  Yes 

3: Are you able to stand from any chair in your home?  Yes 

4: Once standing, can you walk without help from a caretaker?  Yes 

5: Will you be able to operate the lift chair without assistance?  Yes 

About This Quiz

While this quiz can provide a quick way to determine Lift Chair Reimbursement eligibility, it is important to note that Medicare does not reimburse the full cost of a lift chair. Instead, they only cover the lifting mechanism of the chair, which usually costs between $250 and $300. Visit our Lift Chair Medicare Page to learn why only the lifting mechanism is covered and more about Medicare Lift Chairs

What is a Lift Chair

A lift chair is a device used to make it easier to stand and sit. The base of the chair contains a strong lift system that raises the chair, and its occupant, slowly into the air. When the chair has been completely raised, it is possible to exit the chair in a safe standing position.

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