Pride Mobility Lift Chairs

Pride Mobility Products is a manufacturer of lift chairs and other home medical equipment. Like Golden Technologies, they are based in Pennsylvania share a number of similarities, including being one of the most well known names in the lift chair industry.

In this wiki, we will provide information about Pride Mobility and their lift chairs.

About the Company

Pride Mobility Products was established in 1986 as a family business, where they began custom building lift chairs. They grew in popularity, in part because they were one of the few companies hand-building their models and, as a result, the quality of their lift chairs was higher than many of the out-of-country models available.

Six years later, in 1992, Pride expanded their business to include Mobility Scooters, attempting to offer a design that was both stylish and functional. They quickly grew this portion of their business and soon became the industry standard for mobility scooters. For several years, they were unrivaled in this market. In 1996, they added electric wheelchairs to their home medical portfolio, producing the Jazzy Power Chair, which is a mid-wheel design, also something that no other home medical equipment manufacturers where doing at the time.

Beginning in 2000, Pride began creating a group of products designed specifically for people with advanced needs for wheelchairs and other rehab devices. This included electric wheelchairs that are controlled by caregivers, special chairs to provide additional support not found in a regular wheelchair, and many other rehabilitation products.

Since then, Pride has continued to expand their rehabilitation line, offering a wide variety of advanced wheelchair and rehab products, while extending their traditional product lines of wheelchairs, scooters, and lift chairs, while also adding wheelchair ramps to their portfolio.

About Pride Lift Chairs

Pride lift chairs are assembled in the United States and all include a lifetime warranty on the steel lifting frame found in the chair. They offer four distinct collections of lift chairs, which include the Elegance Collection, Specialty Collection, Classic Collection, and Heritage Collection. Many of their lift chairs use hardwood within the frame, although laminated furniture grade wood is also used.

All models, even the less expensive Classic Collection, include a battery backup and are designed to meet fire retardant specifications in California. A number of additional options, like heat and massage and bed pillows are available for most lift chair models.

Pride Lift Chair Reviews

Our lift chair reviews provide an unbiased look at the different lift chair collections offered by Pride Mobility. They help put the manufacturers and sellers claims in perspective, explaining the differences between lift chair models in the line, as well as covering things like cost and weight capacities.

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