Review of the Golden Values Series Lift Chairs

The Value Series of Lift Chairs by Golden Technologies is a low cost line of senior lift chairs, which have a very classic look.

There are Five Lift Chairs in the Value series, but there are actually only three different models; The Golden Capri, The Golden Monarch, and The Golden Monarch Plus.

While Golden’s Value Series is the least expensive line offered by Golden Technologies, the chairs are hand crafted and covered by a Lifetime warranty on the Frame and lifting Mechanism of the Lift Chair.

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Standard Features of the Value Series

  • 5 Basic Fabrics to Choose From
  • Includes Head Rest Cover and Arm Rest Covers
  • Life Time Warranty on the Recline Mechanism
    , Lift Frame, and Chair Frame
  • 6 Month Warranty on Electrical and Mechanical Labor
  • 2 Year Warranty on Electrical Parts*
  • Easy to Use Battery Backup
  • Smart Tek Electrical Self Diagnostic System
  • Fire Retardant to California Specifications(Bulletin 117)
  • Easy to Use Two Button Control
  • Easily Removable Back**
  • Three Position Recliner**

*Only a 1 year warranty is offered on the Golden Capri(PR-200)
**Option not available on the Golden Capri(PR-200)

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Optional Features Available for the Value Series*

  • Heat and Massage
  • Straight Lift Mechanism
  • Up to 32 Fabric Upgrades*
  • Left Hand Pocket

*Option is Only Available on the Golden Monarch Plus (PR-359M and PR-359L)

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Fabrics Available with the Value Series

There are five standard fabrics available with the classic collection.

The Golden Monarch Plus, Models PR-359M and PR-359L, which includes both a Large and a Medium sized version, have 32 optional fabrics available. These fabrics are considered an upgrade, so would cost extra.

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Different Lift Chairs in the Value Series

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Putting the Value Series in Perspective

As the name implies, the Value series is intended to provide a low cost option for those wishing to purchase a senior lift chair.

The Golden Capri, model number PR-200, is the least expensive option, but it also has the fewest features. For instance, the Golden Capri has the lowest weight capacity, is only a two position lift chair, and only has a one year electrical warranty. As a result, it is usually not the best choice, even for those on a budget.

The other lift chairs of the Value Series are basically built using the same design, however they do differ slightly in size.

The Medium Models, PR-355M and PR-359M, are designed for those who are slightly shorter person, while the Large Models, PR-355L and PR-355L, have a higher height rating.

The main difference between the standard Golden Monarch and the Golden Monarch Plus is that the Plus model has Chaise Seating and 32 upgradeable fabric options. Other than that, they are basically the same chair.

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Thoughts on the Value Series

From a cost perspective, the Golden Capri is slightly less expensive, but it is very lacking in features, such as not having a standard removable backrest. Many also find that it does not provide enough back support.

It should be noted that even though the Golden Capri is a two position lift chair and the other lift chairs in the value series are three position lift chairs, there is only a difference of 5 degrees in the distance the chairs can recline, which is what Golden Technologies refers to as the Napper Position.

So, there is little difference between how far the Golden Capri Reclines and how far the Golden Monarch Reclines.

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