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Lift Chairs: A Brief Introduction

Published by Steve Hedberg on November 10, 2008

Being unable to easily and safely stand up can be a big stain on someones mind. This means that getting up off the couch might not be possible unless there is someone present there to help. More often though, it means that standing is something that is done at increased risk of a fall.

Finding a way to prevent falls and make standing safe again is something that actually began in the eighties. It was during the eighties that a new type of recliner was built. This recliner, called a lift chair, had a built in mechanism that, when activated, caused the chair to lift into the air. After the chair had been raised, the occupant was able to exit the chair almost on their feet.

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Mobility Scooters

Published by Steve Hedberg on June 24, 2008

It can be very difficult to get around if you suffer a mobility related problem, such as arthritis, which can make it painful to bend your knees and walk for an extended period of time. This means going to the zoo is probably out of the question and even things like grocery shopping can become [...]

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