Lift Chairs: A Brief Introduction

Published by Steve Hedberg on November 10, 2008 Under lift chairs, mobility scooters

The early lift chairs, that were designed during the early eighties, quickly became popular all across the United States and eventually the entire world. Some earlier models used springs to lift, but the electric lift chair was developed in the mid eighties. This made the chair safer and more reliable, so today electric lift chairs are used. Due to the danger posed by a spring lift chair, they should be avoided.

Today, the electric lifting mechanism is controlled by a simple easy to use hand control. Usually this is attached directly to the chair. This means there is no battery to change and no chance that the hand control will become lost. Some use a set of buttons built into the chair as opposed to a hand control.

The lifting capacity varies by model, but some are able to lift over seven hundred pounds. Most, however, lift around three-hundred and fifty pounds. It is not only the lifting mechanism that is controlled electronically, but the backrest and footrest also operate at the push of a button. This increases the comfort of the lift chair and the ease at which it is used.

The modern lift chair comes with many features. Most have a battery backup, which engages if there is a power disruption. Special stain resistant and extra breathable fabric is also very popular, which makes these chairs ideal for sleeping or those who wish to sleep in their recliner. Some chairs contain special compartments in their armrests, while others exhibit a very classic design.

With the many different designs and models available, much of the decision will come down to personal preferences and features, however, there are some important things that you must take into account. The height and weight of the occupant are likely the most important of these considerations. The chair is designed to work only with people of a certain height. This height limit actually determines how high the chair will lift, so choosing one that is made for taller people could be dangerous. You also want to be certain you do not go over the weight capacity.

Another consideration is the size of the chair. This includes measurements like the depth and width of the seat. Usually you can measure your existing recliner and get a good feel for what these numbers mean.

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