Importance of Safety and Design in a Lift Recliner

Published by Steve Hedberg on February 27, 2012 Under lift chairs

When evaluating why type of lift recliner will best fit the needs of a senior, it is essential to take some time to consider the physical abilities and requirements of the person who will be using the lifting aid. This is because using a lift recliner that does not fit the user’s body type or can, in some situations, be quite dangerous.

Lift recliners, or lift chairs, are a type of durable medical equipment that is designed to help the user stand up or sit-down safely and easily. Most provide a sitting experience similar to a lazy-boy recliner like chair, while utilizing a lift system that raises and lowers the chair and its occupant.

As an aside, when attempting to receive reimbursement for a Medicare lift recliner, the only part that is covered is the lifting system of the chair, which you can read more about here.

Identifying Important User Characteristics

One of the most important steps when shopping around for a lift recliner is to find a device that will fit the body type of the senior, or other individual that will be using the chair.

The weight and height of the user are the two biggest factors that determine what type of lift recliner can be used. These important user characteristics are not only important for providing a comfortable lift chair, but also for ensuring user safety. This is because lift chairs are engineered with specific heights and weights in mind.

For instance, adhering to the height rating is essential for safety. Using a lift recliner designed for someone much shorter could result in the lift recliner not raising high enough to safely exit, whereas a device designed for someone much taller could raise much too high for the user.

On the same token., exceeding the weight capacity of the lift recliner can increase the amount of strain on both the frame of the device, as well as the electric lifting motor. However, unlike the height limit, it is okay to use a lift recliner that is designed for a larger weight class than you.

The dimensions of the seat are also important and can be related to comfort, but also play a role in safety. The seat size is important, as transferring into and out of the chair easier and also ensures that the user will not develop bed sores or other skin irritations.

It is a good idea to review the measurements of the chair itself, which is usually provided by the manufacturer as measurements like the height, depth, and width of the seat. Using the provided measurements, it is possible to compare them to an existing chair, to get a feel for the overall size provided by the lift recliners seat.

Comfort and Style

While ensuring the lift chair is a safe match for the user’s body type is very important, it is also important to go with a lift chair that has adequate padding and is pleasing to the eye. It is not uncommon for a cheap lift recliner, like the entry-level models offered by Golden Technologies or Pride Mobility, to have minimal padding in the seat and backrest, as well as a lower quality fabric.

As a result, unless you are really on a budget, it is a good idea to take into account the amount and type of padding, as well as the fabric offered by the chair. This, along with the dimensions of the seat and height from the ground will be most important when finding a lift recliner that is both functional and comfortable.

Most also like to find something that is visually pleasing and there are a number of different colors, as well as types, of fabric to choose from.

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