Golden Technologies Lift Chairs

When it comes to lift chairs, as well as many other types of home medical equipment, Golden Technologies is one of the most common manufacturers. They offer a wide variety of lift chairs designed to fit the needs of seniors and others who rely on lift chairs to make it easier to stand and sit.

This brief Golden Technologies Wiki provides information about the company’s history and their lift chairs.

About The Company

Golden Technologies is family owned and operated business, located in the United States. Their company headquarters is in Old Forge Pennsylvania. Golden Technologies have been manufacturing lift chairs in Pennsylvania since 1985, when they were founded by Fred Kiwak and Robert Golden Sr, who is the namesake for the company. Today, Golden’s son, Robert Golden Jr is the CEO and has held the position for the past twenty years.

Golden and Kiwak began custom building lift chairs during the eighties in a small garage. Both had a strong background in craftsmanship and soon the quality of their lift chairs became well known and they were able to expand their business, hiring family members and other friends.

In 1992, Golden Technologies moved into the adjustable bed industry and only a few years later, the mobility scooter industry.

Today, they employee over 200 employees and provide a variety of home medical equipment, including electric wheelchairs, mobility scooters, adjustable beds, and, of course, lift chairs. Golden Technologies can still be found in Pennsylvania today and their headquarters in Old Forge is the largest manufacturing facility of lift chairs in the world. Their wheelchairs, scooters, and adjustable beds are largely manufactured in their Kingston Pennsylvania facility.

About Their Lift Chairs

Golden Lift Chairs are well known for their quality and workmanship. They offer five main lines of lift chairs, which include the Value Series, Comforter Series, Traditional Series, Signature Series, and Maxicomfort Series.

Even their economical lift chair line, the Value Series, is backed by a long warranty, with a lifetime warranty of the chairs frame. These less expensive models also include battery backups and Smart Tek Electronics, which are also found on their more expensive lift chair models.

Many of their other lift chair lines include a number of special features and designs, as well as lift chairs that are designed to fit tall and heavy individuals. A wide variety of fabrics are also available, which includes stain-resistant fabrics, leathers, suedes, and many others.

Golden Lift Chair Reviews

There are many different lift chairs available by Golden Technologies. You can find lift chair reviews about Golden lift chairs below, which include a description of the lift chair line, their features, and the different models available. The individual lift chair model reviews include the cost of the device, as well as differences in size among similar models, grouping them in a manner that is easy to view.

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